Dermoaroma  products are specifically designed for facial care and body cosmetics to achieve active treatments in all skin imperfections.
Fundamental importance is the selection of the ingredients used in all our formulations. We select Natural origin ingredients with very high concentration and minimal preservatives.
Each product is subjected to the most thorough quality checks to ensure safety to the consumer.
We have a unique blend of cosmetics, which can tailor for any particular or specific treatment to best suit your skin.
The cosmetics line present in the face line, allow young looking skin, toned and revitalized.
Body cosmetics helps fighting muscle relaxation in the epidermis providing a firmer skin.
This is achieved by using specific active ingredients with high concentration that achieves effective results in the hydration, regeneration in the epidermal function.
Dermoaroma differentiates from the rest by mimicking our mesotherapy range in homecare products and using potent, highly active ingredients, protective antioxidant extracts and Vitamins giving ageless looking skin.